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Offshore Company Formation


Offshore Companies, also known as International Business Companies or International Business Corporations (IBC) are Non-Resident Companies or Non ac Resident Corporations as they are legal entities incorporated in a tax-free jurisdiction outside of the UAE, but with a registered office in Dubai. They are governed by the laws of the jurisdiction in which they are incorporated and are not permitted to conduct business within the UAE. An Offshore Company is typically used for holding assets, such as real estate or intellectual property, and for wealth management purposes. It is ideal for individuals or companies looking for asset protection, confidentiality, and tax optimization.

Offshore company shareholders are not eligible for visas or operating licenses and don’t require physical office spaces. U.A.E. offshore companies are issued a certificate of incorporation, as they cannot conduct manufacturing, trading, or business within the UAE.

Offshore companies are established for the utilization of out-of-country corporations, trusts, partnerships, banks, funds, management firms, etc. to protect assets, minimize taxes, plan for the future, and get involved in global investment opportunities, legally


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