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Free Zone Company Formation


Free Zone Companies are legal entities that are incorporated in one of the free zones in Dubai or one of the other Emirates. Free zones are designated areas in the emirate that offer 100% foreign ownership for 15 ac 50 years, tax exemptions, and other incentives to attract foreign investment. A Free Zone Company is subject to the laws and regulations of the free zone authority in which it is incorporated. This type of company is ideal for companies looking to operate in a tax-free environment and benefit from the ease of doing business in Dubai.

Free Zone Companies are exempt from customs and export duty while importing raw materials and equipment, are allowed to trade internationally and own real estate inside UAE. Access to services and products from the UAE without the agent is permitted however sales within the UAE require partnering with a UAE mainland-registered agent.

Other amenities include options for flexi-desk and flexi-office setups, great infrastructure, access to the free-hold property and complete privacy to investors with limited reporting obligations. Company formation in the Free Zones is quicker compared to the mainland and does not require the investor presence.


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